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As a matter of fact, company hires various employees for differing purposes at varying pay scale. HR Department does not need to toil for their salary management because our software offers an effective way to maintain all data in a convenient and perfect manner.

Salary Management

Salary Management

  • View Monthly Basis Salary
  • View Yearly Basis Salary
  • View Day By Day Salary
  • View Salary Slip
  • Download Salary Slip

View Monthly Basis Salary

There are several factors like presence, leaves, late coming, leaving before time, away from work station during office hours and many others which play an important role to issue the salary at the end of the month. To check all details before releasing the salary, HR Department as well as employees can view monthly basic salary with the help of our software.

View Yearly Basis Salary

Besides checking details of monthly salary, our software also helps to view yearly basis salary in quick time. This facility proves of great use as it helps to calculate the annual expenditure in an easy way.

View Day by Salary

Companies hire special staff for a special purpose for a short period of time. You do not need to toil to maintain their salary details as our software let maintain day by day salary in an efficient manner.

View Salary Slip

Salary slip contains entire details regarding travel allowance, medical expense, basic pay and many others. To know about all such details, HR Department and employees can view salary slip using our software.

Download Salary Slip

Besides showing salary slip, our software also let download salary slip with few simple commands.