Other Features


Besides pre mentioned features, our uniquely prepared software boasts more features which prove helpful accordingly to maintain all functions of the company.

Other Features

Other Features

  • Database Security
  • Update Office Phone Number
  • Update Office Email ID
  • Extensions No.
  • Many More...

Database Security

Company does not need to fear of any kind of misuse or leakage of confidential information of company or employee because our long team of highly qualified engineers has used latest technologies to keep all data safe and secure.

Update Office Phone Number

Almost every employee changes mobile number at regular interval to reap the benefits of lucrative schemes. Therefore, their contact details also change. Company does not need to worry on any ground as our software helps to update office phone number with ease and comfort.

Update Office Email ID

Employees switch to new email id for different reasons. This situation does not cause any kind of problem because our software also helps to update office email id.