Meeting Management


Company organizes meetings at regular interval to motivate employees and aware them about future plans. To send notification about such meetings, HR Department just needs to follow some easy commands on our software.

Meeting Management

Meeting Management

  • All User With Metting
  • Single User With Metting
  • Metting With Proper Team
  • Meeting Notification On Mail
  • Add New Metting

All User With Metting

Obviously, every meeting is not for every department of the company. Keeping this situation in mind, our software let HR department to send the notification to selected employees and teams.

Single User With Metting

Most of the time HR Department requires discussing the specific matter with a single employee. To arrange the meeting with any individual HR Department can send the invitation using our software.

Metting With Proper Team

Every company has to deal with different kinds of projects. To discuss the specific matter with proper team, HR Department can rely upon our software that helps to arrange meeting with proper team in quick time.

Meeting Notification On Mail

Team members might forget the date and time of meetings. To stay protected against such kind of embarrassment, HR Department of the company can send meeting notification on mail without any problem using our software.

Add New Metting

Our software also provides freedom to add new meeting with date and time. This nicely configured software also allows adding the note in the particular box.