Human  Resource  Management - System

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Employee Self Service

HRM Software provides a quality solution for all employees and HR Department of the company to manage all relevant information regarding Attendance, Leaves, Holidays, Salary Details and other HR related issues.

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Attendance & Leave

There must not be any confusion for attendance and leave to run all operations of the company in a smooth manner. You do not need to worry on any ground if looking for a perfect solution to successfully cope with this problem as our nicely configured software helps to keep check on all attendance and leaves of each and every employee.

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Meeting Management

Company organizes meetings at regular interval to motivate employees and aware them about future plans. To send notification about such meetings, HR Department just needs to follow some easy commands on our software.

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salary Management

As a matter of fact, company hires various employees for differing purposes at varying pay scale. HR Department does not need to toil for their salary management because our software offers an effective way to maintain all data in a convenient and perfect manner.

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Travel Management

It is very important for every company to keep the record of travel management because it helps to save the precious money against any kind of wastage. You can do it easily with the help of our software.

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Manage Users & Department

Companies do not need to pass through stern efforts to manage users and departments because our software provides the facility with easy to follow commands. It simply means HR Department remains protected against different kinds of hassles.

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Holidays Management

Every company offers yearly leaves to every employee. To maintain their holiday details, our software provides holiday management feature that proves of great use to track their working days and holidays with few clicks of mouse.

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Other Features

Besides pre mentioned features, our uniquely prepared software boasts more features which prove helpful accordingly to maintain all functions of the company.

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