Employee Self Service


HRM Software provides a quality solution for all employees and HR Department of the company to manage all relevant information regarding Attendance, Leaves, Holidays, Salary Details and other HR related issues.

Employee Facility

Employee Facility

  • All Information At Dashboard
  • Personal Information
  • Attendance Report
  • Compare Attendance
  • Leave Status
  • salary details
  • Out Duty Facility
  • Email Facility

All Information At Dashboard

A large team of trained and skilled experts has designed this software in a way that employees find all information on screen regarding all HR issue. They just need to move mouse on some options to scan the desired details.

Personal Information

One of the finest features of this software is it also helps to maintain personal information in an easy manner. However, it depends on HR department if it wants to keep it limited to you or all.

Attendance Report

Attendance details prove very important for all employees and management. To keep an eagle eye watch on attendance report, we have created this software in a scientific manner to display all details about all working days and leaves of every employee.

Compare Attendance

HR Department of the company does not need to toil to compare the attendance of any or all employees because our team has given a stupendous facility to compare attendance in quick time. It depends on company if it wants to give the access of this facility to employees or not. Company can also give access to selected people.

Leave Status

It is very important for every company to track the leave status of every employee because it plays an important role to release the appropriate salary at the end of the month. Our software proves extremely helpful to check all leaves of any employee for any month.

salary details

Most of the employees of every company take advance salary before the end of the month. So, it proves very difficult to maintain salary account. You do not need to worry on any ground if facing such kind of problem because our software helps to maintain salary details of every individual in a comfortable manner.

Out Duty Facility

Many times company sends their employees out of office for specific purposes. To keep them away of all kinds of hassles company offers several out duty facilities. To maintain those conveniences, our carefully designed software offers some features which are easy to operate.

Email Facility

Every company keeps updating its facilities at regular interval to provide a convenient environment to employees. To inform employees about any such update, our software provides a nice amenity that helps to send notification to all or selected people in quick time.