Attendance & Leave


There must not be any confusion for attendance and leave to run all operations of the company in a smooth manner. You do not need to worry on any ground if looking for a perfect solution to successfully cope with this problem as our nicely configured software helps to keep check on all attendance and leaves of each and every employee.

Attendance & Leave

  • Attendance Report
  • All Month's Attendance Report
  • Punch Attendance
  • Apply Leave
  • View Approved Leave
  • Leave Status
  • Many More...

Attendance Report

Attendance Report helps to the large extent when it comes to promote the right employee to senior position. HR Department of the company would never face any kind of problem to find the right people as our software provides attendance report of everybody in matter of few seconds.

All Month's Attendance Report

HR Department of the company passes through tiring efforts at the end of the month because it has to check all month's attendance report to make the salary. You can save this precious time to focus more on other important tasks with our easy to operate software.

Punch Attendance

Every company watches In Time and Out Time of every employee to make sure that everybody serves entire office hours. To ensure the availability of everyone, we offer efficient punch attendance system that works perfectly.

Apply Leave

This feature of our software helps employees of a company to apply leave before taking off from the office. This feature also allows HR Department to approve or disapprove the request.

View Approved Leave

Our software is designed in a way that applicants can also view approved leaves in matter of seconds with few clicks of mouse. The facility proves of great use as it stops them to stay away from office for long time.

Leave Status

Employees and HR Department do not need to maintain the leave status manually because our software just requires few clicks of mouse to maintain the record of leaves in simple and faster way.